Kitchen Remodeling in Philadelphia (PA)

Creating Philadelphia's most beautiful kitchens

At Accurate Home Remodeling, we design a kitchen straight from your dreams. We understand the kitchen is the center of most homes and done correctly, a kitchen can add great home value. Friends and family often see the kitchen before they see the rest of the home, so having a high quality and decorative kitchen adds the eye appeal to a home a way not many other rooms can.

We specialize in custom remodeling of kitchens in Philadelphia, PA:

  • Small Kitchens with Clever Storage
  • Higher End Custom Kitchens 
  • Kitchen Cabinet Replacement
  • kitchen Flooring Installation
  • Kitchen counter-top replacement
  • Kitchen Wall Removal
  • Large Kitchen Expansions
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Kitchen peninsulas
  • Kitchen Breakfast Bars
  • Modern Kitchens
  • Traditional Kitchens